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Brian Young

Jean was one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood. For me, she is in the second place after M Monro. Nice to read the blog "A Day With Harlean". It is a very rare collection. Thank you for shairng.

-Brian from platinum buyer blog.


Are any interior photos of the house on Easton Drive available anywhere ? Do you know if the owners kept the house in its original state ?
When people "remodel" it usually means something gets ruined, like the history of the house. I hope the place has not been changed too much.


Are the other photos of the Easton Drive house posted anywhere yet ?

Scott Mccoy

I Love Jean so much. I went to see Bombshell and bought the book Harlow in Hollywood. I sat there in the theatre and hung on every word that Mark and Darrell spoke. I was in a daze all day as I clung to my book I purchased, waiting for the moment I could open it and look the pages. I live in Hollywood on Beachwood Drive in a 1937 Castle building. My entire place is decorated to that period. I Thank You for providing me with a wonderful blog about an amazing Woman. I spend my free time driving around Hollywood and driving by my favorite homes. Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard are my two favorites. I wish I knew more people that Loved Jean like I do. Seems like I found that place. I just don't know how to go about getting invited to all the neat events. For example, the ones held in Jeans homes etc. I guess I have to meet more people. Again Thank You so much.

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