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Wedding Photographer Harlow

Really lovely story.

Daniele Moura

Hi, Lisa! Well, I have a story. I don't think you might be interested in, but here I go: I'm from Brazil. My name is Daniele Moura, I'm a 26 year old actress and tonight I had such a strange dream about Jean. The strangest thing is that I'm not a huge Harlow fan but I love classic movie stars in general. Sorry about my Grammar - first of all! Well, in the dream I was entering a huge, colossal house that was suposed to be mine and my family's(but it was not!) and the house had ups and downs in the arquitecture(as a mansion). It was mixed brick and wood inside and of course mine isn't that great. When I came in my mother had put several Jean Harlow posters in every places and I spoke to her: "Mom, Where's my Rita Hayworth poster? Where's my Gone With The wind Poster? My Marilyn one? You took all them away for Halow and I'm not a Harlow fan for all this?" The house was full of Harlow enormous pics. Well, the dream is basically this. It's strange for me. How about you? What do you think it coud be? And about the house? In fact I'm not passing for a great time in my personal life. I'm always sad and conflictuous, fighting with my parentes, health problems. I read the Sara story and I think You could give me a hand about this dream I had. Everything has a "because" to happen.
Ah!! I discovered your marvelous webpage long time ago and it's great!! Congrats!
Best, Daniele.


I'm really happy I found your website because it is well written and because it is a true tribute to the incredible Jean Harlow.
Reading this article gave me chills. First of all, I believe in what that medium said because I know some persons who went to specialists as well and they told me their stories, before that I really didn't believe in what I called "ghost-stories", and to imagine Jean's soul, it makes me feel so touched. You wrote it perfectly "that this Harlow-focused energy we've collectively generated in this world truly has kept her alive on the other side". We, fans of our generation, keep those movie stars, those legends, alive only in our hearts.
When I first heard of Jean Harlow, it was because I was doing some research on Marilyn Monroe (I'm totally addicted to her as well) and her tastes, then came the name of Jean, as soon as I saw her picture, I was interested in her too. Now, I'm a complete fan of both what is, as my mother and my family would say, "unbelievable that a boy your age [16 y.o] is interested in those old movies and stuffs".
Finally I wish you good luck for the upcoming interesting articles.

Harry Martin


Mark Masek

Very cool. I got chills reading it. I can only imagine how you felt being there.

Mark Cramer

Great story Lisa!

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