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You may believe these four proverbs:
Better a frank denial than unwillig compliance.
By ignorance is pride increased; those most assume who know the least.
Beauty gains little, and homeliness and deformity lose much , by gaudy attire.
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Alfredo Guevara

Estimados amigos:
¡Soy fanatico de Jean Harlow!
Me encantan todas sus películas.
Saludos desde Perú.


What a very beautiful and wonderful stair. And the looks on the other part of the house is FABULOUS and AWESOME!

Liz Bridges

Dear Lisa:

Thank you soooo much for the info on this visit to Jean's Club View Drive House. And Thank You Darrell for your vast collection. Darrell, you may remember Bettina and Liz when we were out in LA (in 2003 I believe) and you were so kind to show us some of your collection. During part of our visit to LA Bettina and I, of course, drove up Club View Drive to see the house and, of course, we were thrilled just to be standing on the outside! To have seen the inside must truly have been Heaven. So thanks a million for sharing your visit to my favorite Jean Harlow home. The lovely shot of you, Lisa, on the stairway is cast in a loving light, as if Jean is shining down from above. Again,Thanks!

Darrell Rooney

Hi Lisa, Thanks for all your kind words and congrats; it certainly was a remarkable day. Which reminds me that I have a bunch of photos to share with you. They will be forthcoming soon. I have a great one of you and Jim K at the moment you met.

I love the staircase shot bathed in heavenly light. Its a definite keeper. Thanks for being sensational and having this amazing web site. Its the best.

Best- Darrell

paul hoye

lovely staircase photo too...p

paul hoye

interesting to see briony posing exactly in line with the very same stones in the wall as in the jean photo... nice to see some things physicaly dont change...paul

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