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Lisa Burks

video has been fixed, thanks for the heads up!

carbon copy pro

What a great read! But unfortunately video is not working!


I wonder if the mysterious "C" could be C Henry Gordon...maybe?

S.Nandakumar alias cheiro nandakumar

Paul Bern (December 3, 1889 – September 5, 1932) was a German-American film director, screenwriter and producer for MGM
Bern married film star Jean Harlow on July 2, 1932. Just two months later, on September 5, he was found naked, shot in the head, in their home on Easton Drive, off Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, California. The coroner's jury came to the conclusion that his death was a suicide. To avoid scandal, the MGM management had fabricated an explanation, and evidence for it, that Bern had shot himself in the head because he was impotent. A strange note was left near his body that raised more questions than it answered, stating that "last night was only a comedy." All America, it seemed, wanted to know what Bern meant. Harlow never spoke of the matter. To the police and before a grand jury she stated only that she knew nothing. Harlow died five years later.
In 1960, it was suggested by screenwriter Ben Hecht that Bern was murdered by his mentally deranged common-law wife, Dorothy Millette. The investigation into Paul Bern's death was reopened by the Los Angeles District Attorney. However, the verdict of suicide was not changed. Many people were questioned, including two gardeners. One claimed he heard a car driving away in the early morning. There was no conclusive evidence that Bern argued with his wife before his death and handwriting analysts claimed the suicide note was not in his handwriting. Eddie Mannix, MGM's studio manager, was believed to be the prime suspect, but he was never charged with the crime.
Cheiro when fisrt read his hands in the spring of 1927.From the line of marriage cutting the fate line with stoppage as long island ,he warned him of peculiar ly sensitive disposition ,that marriage would be fatal to him and he had better leave it alone.He laughed at his suggestion saying “It is the last thing that would enter my mind”Yet five years later his marraiage with Jean harlow was one of sensational of Hollywood.Het met Jean harlow and after rapid courtship they married in September 1932 ,but weeks later for some unknown reseason ,he committed suicide.
Dec 3 born people must have genetic fortune reversal and they are advised to put aside some money for their future.
S.Nandakumar ,astro geneticist.,Anna-oxford-cambridge –hubble-space science coordinator

paul hoye

wonderful reading about the ledger ....and pity the video... taken off... though i did manage to see that on youtube a while back... i cant figure out this year how to download to real player... and last year before my crash.... i downloaded with a click....i listened also to the play... very cosey to listen to old radio for a change...paul

 Armidale Accommodation

Nice story. I saw the video clip also , its too good. I had enjoyed while reading this blog.

Harry Martin

That was an absolutely wonderful story, and thank you so much for including the news reel. It was quite interesting to see.

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