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Nicole Vickers

I’m always in high spirits whenever I see vintage cars running down the street! Their designs are unique and you just can’t help but feel so at awe! Refurbished or not, still, its air of elegance is still there.

Delsie Maidens

Wow! Kudos to the superb refurbishing! That Packard’s absolutely is on the greatest, most caring, and most loving hands. Very vintage yet so contemporary! =)

Leisa Dreps

That Packard is stunning. Vintage rides like these are definitely marvels of the automotive industry. I can just imagine how much effort and craftsmanship were invested to manufacture these. Yes, Angela, divine, they truly are. :)

Laurence Modithre

That repainted Packard looks beautiful! It's got a great shine to it, nearly like the paint you'd see in modern cars. You have that, and you put it on top of the unique and iconic styles of the car design of the previous generation... and you get a wonderful combination.

Tyra Shortino

Wow! I love vintage cars! :D How I wish I can have the same car as yours. :) I test-drove a vintage car of my friend once, and I instantly loved it. Indeed, it is such a beauty.

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Well, that home seems really good. Can you post some other pictures of the house? You have a cool car. I like it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting!



These pictures are gorgeous! Have you seen the photos of her KC childhood/father's homes, including the one she was born in-- they're a lot less grand, but still interesting.


How divine! The car is still gorgeous after 75 years!

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