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Stern Rockwell

After having viewed the film 'Girl 27', I have to say that I am glad that David Stemm has brought forth the story of Pat Douglas, and I am so proud of what both of them have done.

A wonderful achievement for Pat and David alike.

It is my hope that women and men hear this story because it isn't just a story about a victim. It is a story about how we are all victims. Victims of one whacky justice system, and I can only hope that it is corrected someday....Hope....

Hope is what Pat Douglas has really brought to me.

I am so sorry for what had happened to Pat, but I am also glad that David had gotten a chance to meet her and introduce her and her story to the world. So, I am glad for David as well.

From observing this film, I could tell that David is a big fan of film. Classic film.
It is obvious how he has a respect for what the past has delivered to the future. For this, I am glad that you had included yourself in the documentary. It is David's story as well, and it should very well be.

We need more people including themselves in the history of others. What a world that would be if we could all get involved in a good or wrong doing and pass on the treasures of these stories on to the next generation. All credit is due to those that get invloved.

I thank Pat for coming forward with this story. It obviously isn't easy to keep something like this to one's self.

Thanks to Davis Stemm for this film, because it obviously wasn't easy to get this truth out of such a strong woman.



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