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Lisa, today is, indeed, a somber day for those of us who care so much about Our Baby. Please accept my compliments on your touching piece about her. Has it occured to the curmudgeons at Forest Lawn that dear Harlean might *want* us to visit her? Perhaps her feelings should be considered, too.

Karen M.

Very good, Lisa. I am with you on FLG and the way they treat people who just want to pay respect, snap a picture and who just have general interest in keeping the memories of these wonderful people alive. While FLG claims is a "security" issue, the place is completely wired up and a simple sign in sheet would easily keep people who vandalize at bay. Museums manage it everyday, why not FLG?


Loved the entry Lisa! And what a shame about the gravesite - is it not meant to be visited and honored?

Danny / Seattle

Thank you Lisa!

The content and presentation of the posting is as stylish and spirited as Harlow herself.


Thanks Lisa.
By seeing this today.
I don't feel i have to be at FLG, to take her flowers, that like you mentioned, Joan would be taking home.

God Rest Jean Harlow...Thank you for sharing her with us Lisa... You are awesome!



What a beautiful article Lisa. Well done!


Here here.


For Jean...Mother Jean and Joan....

Touching post L, You want me to stop out at the place and jack-slap a guard?

I would you know.... What a "B"! One wonders just what it is that makes them think the way they do..


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