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Question - Did William Powell continue to put flowers on Jean's grave after he married Diana Lewis in 1940?


What a beautiful crypt. However, Lisa, wasn't Jean Harlow buried in a gown which she wore in Libeled Lady? That is what I have read. I love you site and so happy to meet people who love and adore Jean Harlow like I do!

I am watching her in Reckless right now! :)


I went to Forest Lawn a few weeks ago(July 2011) and walked right in, said I wanted to see the "show" and got to walk all the corridors of the GM. I found Jean Harlow first, pushed the gate and went to her gated crypt down the hallway. I pushed the gate and I was inside her vault/room! I couldn't believe it. There was NO security! Someone/employee even told me where Michael Jackson was buried! Maybe it's just my luck, but I encountered no security or cranky people!


I went to FLG last year and had no luck. I felt trapped cause they have cameras and the guard kept eying my friend and me. Anyone have any luck recently?


I was treated the same way back in the 1970's. A lady "guard" finally agreed to unlock the little bronze gate and watched me like a hawk as I walked down that long marble corridor. I felt rushed as she stood there practically tapping her foot. Apparently over the years it's gotten even worse at FLG. I didn't take any photos and now wish I had. As I stated at my post at, the public made these talented people very wealthy. We should have the right to pay our respects. As you correctly state, a sign-in sheet would handle all the security problems. I figured all along that FLG was lying when they said "long lost relatives" were the reason for this lockdown. So, what exactly is the reason for this? As was stated in another post, museums handle the security issues, places filled with precious antiquities. But FLG can't? Very true - they pimp the memories of these beautiful and talented stars but won't let us visit. I agree - Jean would want us there. Maybe someday this insane policy will change.


How rude of the personnel to treat visitors that way! It is very sad. I want to go to Hollywood to see her star, her former residences, and maybe the school that she attended when her and her mom first got to Hollywood. Thank you for these beautiful pictures! I am glad that you were able to visit, because I would like to, too!


A beautiful article Lisa. I didn't realise that the staff would be like that, I live in England and I would LOVE to visit Jean's resting place. I knew that it was said to be quite 'private' but the way they treat you sounds awful and could really put a downer on a visit there. Im coming out to L.A for the first time this September.Its a long journey and a lot of money but Im willing to take that risk as Im a such an admirer of Jean and I have a lot of love for her.
Anyway,I will stop there for now.
Best wishes,Robbie.



Just incredible.

The sheer audacity of it. You can't leave flowers, but it's ok for a group of "potential buyers" with deep pockets to film her crypt. Obviously, as Lisa pointed out, Forest Lawn has no problem with pimping Harlow and other stars to increase their profit margins. I wonder when Powell & Mother Jean laid her to rest in 1937 this is what he had in mind? It's utterly tragic that nothing is sacred these days.


What a wonderful tribute to such a wonderful screen presence! On my first visit to Forest Lawn, the guards were actually letting foreign tourists videotape Jean's crypt; when I inquired as to why they had such intimate access, I was told that it was because they were in the process of purchasing an identical resting place. I told them I might consider buying one, too, if I could get up close and personal. They told me I should just "move on" if I knew what was good for me. I moved on for a while and then came back for my own, unchaperoned visit with Jean.

Steve Goldstein

Beutifully written and deeply felt, Lisa! You are an artist! Thank you for encapsulating the experience of being a respectful fan who gets treated as a common criminal for just trying to pay tribute.

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