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Thursday, March 04, 2010



I'm Aline from Brazil, Michael fan since of 25 years. I remember i was in Germany as holiday, when in the morning i have listen the new from the radio on office. I was thinking that could be a joke, or other any thing, they always did tease Mike all last his years. Incredible when the feeling inside my mind, my heart... was that i have lost someone very important from family. This happened without nobody wait. Ok He was fragile, but distant of die. Mike was a kind of human that never die, will live forever, because heroes never die.
ILY Michael


I love Michael, I have known Michael Since he was five and up to his death, and i miss him so very much, this world don't feel right without him, its like he was a big of what was missing her, this is the way i feel,
i still hurt for his Mother, everytime i hear about hear or seen her, i cant help but cry,because i'm a mother, and i have had my
share of loses in my life,but it his been so long, but Michael's is so close right now, it
is just so hard to shake,, knowning MJ isn't here.God help Debbie she is hurting to,
remember people she was a BIG part of MJ'S
life.God bless u all.

Twilight (2008)

Thank you Aline !! I love your story. It is quite good one. I also love Michael. He was great man and missing him lot. But This happened without nobody wait. Nobody can't do anything.

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