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Tuesday, February 09, 2010



With bowed head I thank you for this.

Angela Ivani

Lisa, this is wonderful. I was there with you yesterday as well although I do not believe we met. You did a fantastic job of telling the day's events and I too am still trying to come to terms with what happen yesterday, a very surreal experience. I plan to attend the preliminary hearing on the 5th and possible we can meet than. Much L.O.V.E. for sharing this. Take care

MJ-Upbeat / Bonnie

I have this great link posted on MJ-Upbeat News. My Michael Jackson web site of 8 years. Thank you Lisa for all you do. This link is featured under February 10, 2010.
Here is the news page link for this present story:

I have also added your gravehgunting link to my links pages.

Thank you for all you do.

Bonnie Lamrock

Keith A. Burrows


MJ's horrible death just brings back to me so many other death's of talented individuals who trusted their doctor's and entourage who are paid well to provide a safe and secure life and shield them from the very thing that Dr. Murray is guilty of. I am just appalled at this--I highly respected Michael's talents but surely not his difficult life--being a public figure is a rough road at best, but to be so highly criticized (when I believe in truth that he was a fine and loving individual) in the press always irked me and must have hurt his family.

I thank you for following up on this and I truly hope that justice will be served for Michael, his family, friends and fans.

The doctor deserves a trial and I hope that it is fair and that he receives a truly long sentence and gets a bit of the flavor of public ridicule himself, just as Michael had to experience in his short lifetime.

Great work, Lisa!

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