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Wednesday, February 24, 2010



I am horrified by the story. After seeing your post about this about a week ago, I also posted it on my FB page. This is so sad and I, too, am wondering why there is not more being done. Maybe if someone had got a hold of Jeffery Dahmer when he was hurting animals as a child, lives could have been spared later. Ya know?

Lisa Burks

Agreed. This has all the markings of a potentially landmark case if taken seriously and authorities are held accountable for taking the needed steps AND keeping the public informed on an on-going basis. Gossiping about the suspect isn't the best use of energy, imho. The victims are being lost in the sensationalism, so wrong. Thanks for the FB support!

Laura Cristina

Lisa, petition signed!


Hey, howabout a Nancy grace-type show championing the cause of domestic animals like Rigsby and punishing their ....I'm sorry. I just can't think of a word that adequately describes someone who commits such a heinous act.
Sometimes I am so ashamed that some people have dared to call themselves human.

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