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Hi Lisa-I have a question about this beautiful above ground burial site. I was wondering how this type of burial is possible in California with the earthquakes that you have. Are they required to be earthquake proof like homes are there? During hurricane katrina many caskets purged from the ground due to the terrible flooding so they are doing more above ground burials in all of the gulf area now like they do in New Orleans. Thank You for your interesting and informative website.

Hi Missy, I'm not well versed on the building code regulations off the top of my head; however I do know that Forest Lawn has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to earthquake safety, dating back to when they build their first mausoleum in Glendale in 1917.

The above ground outdoor sarcophaguses at FLHH are constructed with space underground to hold caskets. Here's a link to a photo I took in 2004 of the one located across the court from RJD under construction, during the expansion of that area, that shows the set up:


Hope this helps answer your question. :) Lisa

Thanks Lisa. Yes, you did answer my question and the pictures were very interesting. Great job!-Missy

God bless the "Elfin One!!!"

Hi lisa i have a question for you , i Live at Mexico and im planning to visit L.A. Soon , is it posible to visit Ronnie's grave ?

Thanks in advance

ANSWER: Hi Héctor, yes, Ronnie's grave is in a public area, in the Courts of Remembrance. Don't ask at the info booth, they probably won't tell you he's even there. But get a map and you'll find it from that. ~ Lisa

hello Lisa,

Love the site. I am thinking about doing some grave exploring in my state of Illinois. can you give me some advice? where to start the rules or anything else.

Hi Lisa,

I am a HUGE Dio fan and I'm going to be in Hollywood in the month of July and this is kinda a double question. Who are the people in the painting above Ronnie and can I leave a memorial at his grave honoring a incredible man?

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