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Another great blog Lisa...thank you. I heard, unfortunately, that it was not all peaceful at FL....Erin Jacobs from Justice4mj wanted to dismantle the gift holding platform and was encouraging people to do so....hope this is not true.

Hi Laura, I'm aware of disharmony in the MJ Fan Community and I've chosen to stay out of it. I choose to focus on what I consider to be bonafide news stories of value to this blog's readership which includes not just MJ fans but cemetery explorers as well.

None of the many, many slanderous gossipy rumors -- like this one -- which I see as being completely generated by the current MJ Fan Wars -- meets that criteria.

I value my time and will not be investing any of it in these sorts of topics. :) Hope this clarifies my position. Thanks for reading. ♥

PS, for the record, I have spent lots of time at FL with Erin over the past 8 months and based on that alone, my personal reaction is that this rumor does not ring true. End of story.

I moderate comments here so please people, I'm kindly requesting no slander or gossip, that's not what this blog is about. Thanks! :)


Thanks for keeping it real Lisa!

Hi Lisa! Tanks again for your report of the MJ birthday at FL. I feel like beeing there with your words and pics.
You do the correct thing concerning MJ fans.

thanks for clarifying that Lisa!

I would like to applaud you on your neutral and respectful site. I noticed you mention ALL of MJ's fans in your post and don't pick sides. Judging by your comment above you won't be allowing any bullshi*t here. I wish the disharmony would stop and the feuding MJ fans take some of your valuable advice. I will say this too. I've seen Erin Jacobs at FL and I have never and I mean NEVER seen her disrespect MJ or any of his fans.She is always respectful and helpful.

Thank you for keeping it real and reminding everybody MJ's message of L.O.V.E was for all of us not just the select few.

It really should be all about unity.

thank you for your feedback Vesna. :) speaking only for myself and from my own experience, i've learned to agree to disagree but still live in harmony for the greater good. it's not always easy, but well worth the effort to try. ♥

“I'll walk where my own nature would be leading; it vexes me to choose another guide.” ~ Emily Bronte

Beautiful blog Lisa--:tears: I just wanna say 2 Karen S. Kmiecik who put the ad in the paper I commend ur efforts in combatting lies told on Michael. It is much overdue--I also would like 2 ad that it was the STATE of CALIFORNIA on the goverment/law level that had no love 4 Michael and the "world over" had just as much a hand in making life hell 4 Michael too--Yes it was american justice system that failed Michael but I resent the remark that the people in his native land AMERICA some how where the ONLY ones who did this to him--That is not true--There were a slew of people and tabloid trash magazines from here 2 kingdom come printing slandersous lies about Michael--Most of those tabloid mags came from the UK--In fact it was UK tabloid that coined Michael as "Jacko"---Michael is respected and LOVEd by many here in the states, his native land--Not after the fact but before--So when ur out fighting the good fight in Michaels honor remember that it was a conglomerate of news/media outlets, law officials on many levels and basic everyday "all over the world" hypocrits that made this all possible 2 begin with--Not just AMERICA---When u say "we" this implies [us on a whole]and I did not do this 2 Michael, YOU did not do this 2 Michael--THEY did this 2 Michael--Why should WE take responsibility 4 somthing THEY did?--forgive me if this makes no sense--this is how Im feeling at this moment off the top of my head--There is a misconception out there that the american people hated Michael[not true] How this became a FACT is beyond me considering the all mighty source...TRASH MEDIA---Dont believe the hype and dont make america the scape goat--There is MUCH blame 2 go around 2 the world respectively---

Lisa: Thanks for a beautiful blog posting. As a fan of Michael's I appreciate the many trips you make to FL and the well-spring of information you share with us. Thanks for posting our Birthday/Vindication Ad on your site and thanks for placing it among the other gifts. It warmed my heart to see it here and at FL. Thanks for being such a great person. God bless you.

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