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Rest in peace Sir. You are now surrounded by peace and angels. So long.

Thanks for this, Lisa.

As someone who grew up and went to college just down the road from Westboro, I am well familiar with their antics. I have run into them on several occassions as they reminding me and my classmates that God hated our production of West Side Story. Heck, they even protested a concert that the campus Christian group I belonged to at the time put on. They're nuts. One of my friends' father was the first funeral they ever protested. His family and the Phelpses went back quite a ways and his mom and dad used to "infiltrate" their pickets with signs that read "God is love." The Phelpsies didn't like that too much.

It's unfortunate that they now have national notoriety.

Hey Lisa,
I've awarded you the "Happy 101" blog badge. If you would like to read about it and/or pick it up for your blog, you can here:
Happy long weekend!

FYI - went to visit Dio's grave today. The gatekeepers at Forest Lawn state it is the park's policy NOT to give out the burial locations of celebrities. They would not confirm or deny the above location under the mural of the 3 kids, however there is a huge red rose pallet of flowers on top of the tomb. The gatekeepers also state "it is the family's wishes to keep the fans away from the site and from leaving flowers here..." Direct quote! Wonder what RJD and WD would think of this?

These God squad people protest anything that they don't understand. Dio was an Entertainer thats it. His voice will be miss R.I.P Ronny.

Another legend passing on. Thanks for the music and the memories...

RonnieJamesDio Was The mostunique and talented musician on The Planet. i started Listening to His music @ the age of 12 and it was all over FRom there.I never missed a show,ive seen him perform 26 times.I can honestly say his music touched me in such a way it changed my life.i could feel and hear the roar of his powerful voice.and @ times the softer side with
"This is my life"That was a Very touching and beautiful song I only wished he did another of the same.it brought tears to "My Eyes" God Bless you RJD and Thank You For the great times and memories that will last a lifetime. RIP my freind if there is a thereafter i can only pray 2 meet Thank you for the memories. John M

"Evil woman, look out tonight!"

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