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Thank you! :o)

Lisa, thank you!
Kisses :)

Justice for Michael!


thank you for your words. As a fan living so far, I fell like beeing with all the fans at the holly terrace, talking about Michael or singing a song, or just keeping silence.

From Portugal

Lisa, I tried to send this to you a week ago but for some reason it wouldn't go. So I'm trying again. My niece has a good friend and her mother is one of the security guards for FHG. We talked to her a long time ago, during christmas time. she told us that is very difficult to penetrate thru the security system FH has in place inside the Great Mausoleum. There are security cameras everywhere, especially where Michael is. There is one security camera consistantly video taping looking down onto the bay like area where he lays. the other camera is faced adjacent to the other camera its pointed toward the long hallway recording just outside of Michaels gate. So anyone who comes within ten feet the camers will see them and its recording every movement. It sends a signal to the main HUB of FH security, they can have security their in a split second. I personally have no doubts that employees as well as the security have been bribed (temptation has a price).But violating the security contract your faced with breach of contract, including being prosecuted,and a whole lot of prison time. Thats a high price to pay. She also said security systems are in place on all doors, windows, gates, passage ways, as well as hidden areas that alot of us don't even know of. I hope this helps.

Email me and I'll fill you in more.

hey lisa,

you wrote, "If any photos of fans posing in front of the sarcophagus exist, disrespectfully or otherwise, I haven't seen them published anywhere online. I've Googled my little fingers raw looking. If you have seen them, please send me the link."

here is one

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