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Sorry, the above URL is to the pics here is the one to the actual article


And its pics 3-5 with your watermark on them. Source they used is http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.net/ for details about the monthly visit.

I saw the TMZ story, too. Unfriendly as usual.

Jesus H. Christ. These people seriously need to move on and get lives. Pathetic to the extreme.

MESSAGE TO DEBBIE ROWE: When I read that you were afraid the fans who were at Forest Lawn would hate you it broke my heart. I don't understand how anyone could hate you. I have such amazing respect for you Debbie. I have watched your various interviews over the years and heard your words. You have been genuine and open in your interviews and in return have been treated like sh*t by the media. The media has had a field-day at your expense. No one deserves the relentless, mean-spirited criticism you have received. Michael surely didn't deserve it and you didn't either. You did the most wonderful, loving thing a person could ever do for another - gave the gift of life to two of Michael's three beautiful children - and you did it for one of the most scrutinized people on the face of this planet. In doing this, you gave Michael a reason to wake up in the morning. His last years were spent receiving unconditional love from Prince and Paris, something I think he cherished more than anything else. That, in itself, is enough reason to love you Debbie.

I am deeply saddened to hear that you were not invited to Michael's funeral. Hopefully you can find comfort from us MJ fans who understand that there is always more to the story than what we read or hear on TV and that we must all love one another. I cannot and will not judge you Debbie, only love you. I hope someday I get to thank you for loving Michael so much.

With all my l.o.v.e. and respect,

Nicole "Red-in-Phoenix


Thank you Lisa for this great update. I appreciate it so much. It's tough grieving from so far away. I hope to join you all to pay my respects the next time I am in CA."

Thank you so much Lisa. Thanks to MJFSC for taking our letters close to Michael. What a beautiful experience and moment, sharing it with Debbie! I wish I could be there, but I know all of you stand for all of us...
My tears for Michael are still here...

Rest in peace and love, Michael.

Hugs Debbie,
MJ L.O.V.E. to all of you, MJ family!

Thanks Lisa....I check you site very often for updates and I am never disappointed. I figure Debbie Rowe does not have access inside Holly Terrace? You would think the family would let her in!

Thanks again for the great reporting!

Dear lisa,
thank you so much for sharing that with us,i cant imagine why debbie thought michaels fans would hate her she is the one person that made michael truely happy while he was alive but giving him the one thing he wanted....children and thanks to her michael maybe gone but he will forever live on through his children so the fans are grateful to her for that also,it was nice (in a friendly way) that she felt able to grieve alongside michael fans and share the grief our prayers and thoughts im sure are with debbie too afterall she is also grieving the husband she loved so much and sadly lost.

Great report, Lisa, as always. Thanks for your humanity and your perspective.

Wonderful work, Lisa. So hard to imagine of all the turmoil that MJ's family, children and Debbie have been through. And I second what one person above said in thanking you for showing us a bit of Debbie's perspective....the pain she feels and in the midst of the circus that the media has made of things. Thank you for a wonderful, honest and straight forward piece, Lisa.

Breaks my heart to see Debbie that sad.I'm sure she is a very kind person.

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