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Jenny,please give me a break.How many days a week do you fast because people in Africa are dying of hunger?Don't be a hypocrit. This man was the best ambassador America ever had (and there won't be another).It looks like a very beautiful and appropriate resting place for the most beautiful,caring,talented and loved (all over the globe) entertainer that ever lived.May he finally be in peace.

Bravo Lisa! You did a spectacular job on Michael's funeral. I do have a question though. I noticed that the family kept Michael's coffin closed for the memorial service as well as for his funeral. Was there anytime that he was viewed prior to emtombment? I'm curious to know what he was dressed in and how his hair was done. Please reply asap. Thanks.

Regina please. If Michael Jackson is America's greatest ambassador then the country is in trouble. His importance to the 'world' is grossly overstated. His music mattered to some but not everybody. If the Jacksons can't keep things in perspective then let us at least try to.

Well,I really like to see a picture off his final resting place,because you hear so much rumours him laying deep in the GM or that he's laying in a unmarked grave.
Michael loved his fans and I truly believe that he really would have like it if fans were visiting his grave.
It would really give me peace off mind if I saw a photo off Michael final resting place,knowing he is fine.

This is to Jenny:

I have to agree about the gaudiness aspect. I don't care for the gold-plated casket, I think it looks cheesy, and that crown placed on his casket looked ridiculous in my opinion.

I do like the grave, though. It's over-the-top but still tasteful. I believe that whoever designs Forest Lawn's stuff has better taste than the Jackson family. Unfortunately, their taste runs very gaudy, and it's just lucky that Forest Lawn won't allow them to embellish Michael's grave with anything too weird.

I had some conversations with Paul Gelb who was a VP at Forest Lawn Glendale at the time my mother died (maybe he still is), and he explained to me that uniformity and simplicity are emphasized to the point where family members don't have too many choices in terms of headstones. I was a little frustrated, since the only plaques I could choose from were bronze, all of which were green with gold lettering.

Now obviously when you have a big marble tomb, you have a little flexibility--Liberace, for example, has a nice little flourish on his grave, but Forest Lawn is not going to let the Jacksons hang a velvet painting in there.

Very, very beautiful. Thank you, Lisa!


As an MJ fan since 5 yrs old (I'm 37), your blog has been a great resource for me to find some sort of solace regarding Michael's interment. THANK YOU!

If this is the place where Michael is, then God's answered my prayers! I would've hated for him to be in the lower floors of the Mausoleum, or in a crypt with multiple people in it. It's just not Michael's modus operandi, if you will.

I have one question for you: According to reports in the link provided below, Katherine Jackson ordered 12 more plots. Could you find out if that is true?

Here is the link: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/entertainment&id=6995377&rss=rss-kabc-article-6995377

What I thought was:

1) The Jacksons bought plots for themselves as well in other parts of Forest Lawn or in the Great Mausoleum.

2) They bought out 12 plots to put him in one and fill the rest up with cement, so no one outside the family would buy a spot next to him or try to break in. But if the place above is where you think Michael's interred, then option 2 is null.

I greatly appreciate your hard work & informative coverage!

This is to Shimar:

Lisa can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the tomb the Jacksons bought already contains space for 12 people. I did not take it that they had bought 12 extra spaces.

I hate to keep using my mom as an example, but it's the only way I can explain what I mean. Her cremation niche has space for eight people. Now, I didn't set out to buy space for eight; it just comes that way.

Hippo -

Precisely why I asked. In the article I linked, it says that Katherine requested 12 other plots. It does not explain whether it was cremation niches, crypts or sarcophagi.

So I guess combining your question with mine makes more sense!

Thanks for this information, it looks like a suitable place for Michael to rest in peace bless him.

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