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When they started announcing this I told myself"I'll wait and see what Lisa post's before I believe them!"I assume this is the place that they don't want photos and they chase away anyone but family?

So I guess from now, I will be Tito when I wanna get in the GM? :-)

Is the Great Mausoleum closed at all times to fans?

I would like some clarification on the Great Mausoleum, whether the public is ever allowed in, or if it's family-only. I am glad that Michael Jackson is not going to be buried at Hollywood Hills--the location they were reporting previously was literally a stone's throw from my mother's grave.

I don't plan on trying to visit Jackson's grave, but I would like to see a picture at some point. If they don't let the public in, perhaps they could let someone from the press take photos.

Allowing the public in to view his crypt would be up to the Jackson family. Traditionally, the Great Mausoleum has been family/friends only, except for The Last Supper stained glass window display area at the Memorial Terrace. I agree, I think it would be nice if they would release a press photo of it. It would cut down on the media circus and be a source of comfort to his fans.

To Lisa:

I can't imagine how they could keep the crowds under control. Probably best to keep the area closed.

If the choice has to be made that to make it easier for the family or for the fans to visit I would have to choose family every time.

I guess this was the only way that the family could have an opportunity to visit without being interrupted.

I have a suspicion that MJ's internment at the GM will be temporary. After reading about recent "changes" at the Gordy family plot in Hollywood Hills due to public/media interests (wether factual or not); I am certain that Forest Lawn convinced the Jackson Family that the GM would be suitable and appropriate with the extra security there... for now anyway.

I believe that ultimatly the Jackson's will want a much more public and grandiose final resting place for MJ. Just look at the "public" funeral at the Staples Center as the example. But for now, the GM in Glendale will just have to do.

In addition, despite the perception that Forest Lawn does not appreciate the current "Jackson frenzy" over their properties; I wouldn't count on it. Many people believe that the 100 plus year old Forest Lawn Glendale property is "full up" but that is not the case. In recent years Forest Lawn Glendale has opened up new areas for lawn crypts and reclaimed some vegetated slopes for new family gardens. And these plots are going for big dollars. I happen to work a couple of blocks from Forest Lawn Glendale and I know a man who has worked there as a salesperson for over 20 years. Trust me when I say that they will end up getting new interests in plot sales there. And even when people don't end up purchasing plots at the flagship Glendale property; they are often directed to either Hollywood Hills or Covina Hills.

It all ends up making more sales for Forest Lawn.

Speaking of the old days, which others have done, you COULD wander freely in the GM. I specifically looked up W.C. Fields when I was there many moons agi (I had a grampa buried at FL for years, he's since been moved). I wanted to see if it actually said "All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia" on the marker with his cremains.

It doesn't, of course.

From what I know of Forest Lawn, they are pretty conservative. If the Jacksons want something flashy and garish custom-built for Michael, they are going to have an uphill battle.

I'm even surprised that the Gordy family got that logo with the "G" approved by the FL management.

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