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Don't forget the persistent rumors that Michael Jackson's prosthetic nose was missing when his body arrived for the autopsy? Take a look at the recent pictures taken of him over the past several years and decide for your self. His nose looks prosthetic to me.. Who has his nose and why would they take it? Is it worth anything? (maybe they want to sell it on ebay?)

There is also a rumor that Michael Jackson is still alive and faked his death using a terminally ill, surgically enhanced Michael Jackson impersonator so that he could retire away from the public spot light with his children in some 3rd world country. It is true that there is a number of inconsistent story's surrounding his death.*Time will tell.

why cant we let him sleep in peace


What do you think about?

Thanks for the link, Naomi! Anything is possible at this point, will have to go over and check it out. Thanks again. :)

How about courage, something I guess goes out of the window when opportunity knocks.
I am not very impressed with all of the articles I read on Michael Jackson, so typical. What happened to the articles for the man, yes the man, the human being, kind and gentle person, that was proven innocent,innocent,without a touch of nasty, just plain innocent. Please tell me who will write that mans story.

I would like to point out that not all Michael's fans are camped outside the Encino house, some of us are scattered far and wide across the globe. If there is anything to be said for fans waiting outside the Jackson home then perhaps it's that as Michael's supporters, we would like to be addressed as those who never doubted Michael and who could care less what the tabloids say, since we don't read them. I do think we need Neverland though, since Elvis fans have found so much comfort in Graceland we have been left hanging by Michael's untimely death. We need a focus, somewhere to pay our respects and a little consideration among all the madness. We are not all crazy you know? I don't personally know any crazy Michael fans and no one who would go gravespotting or graveroobing, frankly it's an insult. We aren't the ones who hurt Michael in life, why would we be in death?

I can see why fans would want Neverland to be open to the public as some sort of museum/shrine.

However, Neverland has a horrible taint, even though Michael was acquitted. All that Peter Pan stuff takes on a creepy, sinister quality in light of the accusations.

Graceland, as far as I know, was never the scene of any crime.

I think a good idea for letting MJ rest in peace would be to have him buried in a peaceful place he may have liked in life, and then have a public monument elsewhere that is "supposedly" where he is buried. Michael is at peace in one place undisturbed by the --insincere--- fans and paprazzi, and mourned/remembered/celebrated elsewhere. Either way, he was a great, great entertainer and person, and deserves the utmost respects from everyone who may visit his grave(s) where ever it/they may be. I miss him tremendously, and would love to pass by his grave and pay my respects. (Thanks for a great site. I find it fascinating and educational, and not at all, uh hmmm, cryptic.)

No wonder Jackson was so dysmorphic and twisted during his life - if I had this kind of creepy scrutiny I would be too.

You would think fears of libel, etc., would curtail drastic misrepresentation of a person's interview for the press, but I guess not. Too bad the guy didn't get his book mention down on paper, but maybe that would have been dishonored too.

Goodbye Mikey. I never met you but I feel like a part of me is gone. I would like it to all be a hoax but I dont think it is. I hope your are happy wherever you are. You will be missed. YOu were second to nobody.

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